It’s almost compost day!

Tomorrow, Tuesday, March 15th, is our next collection day! Please place your bucket/bin outside in the usual location by 9 a.m. For most of you, the collection is near your front door. In City limits, please avoid the street, sidewalk, and boulevard. When placing your bin outside, please make sure the lid is secure.

If you are unable to place your bucket outside, please let us know by email or send a text message to 406.449.6008 on the day of collection. If you will be on vacation, please let us know.

For those of you using the 406 Compost exchange site, please put the date and your initials on your full bucket. A dry-erase marker is available. Full buckets should go on lower rows with empty buckets available on the upper shelves.

Upcoming Collection Dates
• Tuesday, March 29th
• Tuesday, April 12th

Seasonal Extras
Spring begins Sunday, March 20th! If you’re getting a head start on your cleaning and yard work we have ecofriendly collection bags for yard waste. Send an email or text message and one will be dropped off with your bucket.