Support Green Business in Helena; Let the Mayor and Commission know you support 406 Compost!

The following letter by one of our long-time customers is spot on in encouraging a reasonable, direct legislative fix well within the purview of the Helena City Commission! 

City of Helena --  ADMINISTRATIVE MEETING  --  July 7, 2021 - 4:00 PM
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Hello all, and Happy 4th!

If you are so inclined, please drop a note – before the July 7 Admin meeting – to the Commissioners asking for their support of an amendment to the City Code allowing for private businesses to compost our food and yard waste within the City limits.  My note is below.  If you have already written, please share with others so we have examples of what to say.

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From: Denise Roth Barber
Date: Mon, Jul 5, 2021 at 11:23 AM
Subject: Amendment to City Code 6-1-18
To: <>

Dear Mayor and members of the Commission,


In light of the City's recent action taken to notify a few private businesses about the City's prohibition of curbside collection of food and yard debris within the City limits, I (as a private citizen, not on behalf of any group) would like to ask the Commission to amend the ordinance to allow for private businesses to continue diverting valuable materials from the waste stream.

An exemption to the City Code could be as simple as this:
6-1-18: The exclusivity in City Code 6-1-17 does not apply to individuals, firms, or companies providing residential curbside collection of food scraps and yard debris for composting services.


The City currently does not offer food waste composting services in any form, nor does it offer yard waste curbside pickup (for composting). While the City does compost yard waste that has been dropped off at the Transfer Station, most of that waste is used as an alternative cover at the landfill, rather than turned into a valuable, marketable product.  Thus, the private companies are providing both a very valuable service to City residents not otherwise available AND helping the City move closer to its goal of 50% waste reduction by 2040.  


While the City will be considering its entire waste operations during the development of the Master Plan next year, it will be more than a year before the plan is implemented; therefore, a change to the code is the most timely, efficient response that would allow for the private businesses to be in compliance while providing valuable resource diversion services.  


Thank you for your service and for your consideration of this request.


Denise Barber